Only A Small Witch

Only A Small Witch

a poem in Fru Aashild’s voice

by Megan Willome

I’m a witch, but a small one, straight

as a candle. The girl with wise eyes—wait—

she saw the elf maiden, went to investigate

Yes, she’ll do.

When trouble came to Haugen, I did not refuse

But met it in my dark-blue dress, silver-buckled shoes

Kristin helped me churn milk since we couldn’t snooze

She did it.

I dug my nails into her bridal hand

To steady her, already pale with child, stunned

By the dark and light shadows where she stood

She’ll do it all again.

As much as I could, I healed her sister,

Healed neighbors, healed daughters and mothers,

Disregarded their whispers

I’d do it again.

I killed a man: my husband, the Boar

With the man who is now my husband, the Bear

Holding me in his arms, there, on the floor

Somehow we did it.

The Bear broke my heart with his knife

Our corpses ignored by rats and mice

Our spirit roamed free as they didn’t in life

He did it.

Eventually to Haugen they returned again

How Erlend could withstand such wind

(It always blows at Haugen) but not Kristin

Well, they did it.

After death I still had a little magic

Entrusted it to a child in a panic

Who found Kristin, and put a stop to the tragic

She dared to do the thing, right or not.

Megan Willome is a writer, editor, and author of The Joy of Poetry and Rainbow Crow, a children’s poetry book. Her day is incomplete without poetry, tea, and a walk in the dark. More writing links at her website and at Poetry for Life.

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