Are there certain books in your life that deserve a second chance? Maybe it’s a classic you read in high school, but didn’t have enough life experience to really understand. Or a one-off book by a little-known writer that made a huge impression on you, though you can’t put your finger on exactly why.

Enter Project Redux: a modern re-do of forgotten books. In 2022, we read Kristin Lavransdatter, the epic medieval Scandinavian trilogy.

In 2023, we’re reading and re-reading the Emily series by L.M. Montgomery: Emily of New Moon, Emily Climbs, and Emily’s Quest. Some of us read the series in childhood, and some of us have never read it, but feel drawn to its themes. Chapter by chapter and month by month, we’ll read and engage with the story in creative ways, in conversation with other women as mothers, artists, and human beings.

Beginning this month, we’ll post our responses to the chapters here. Want to join us? Pick up a copy and read along with us, or experience Emily’s world through our posts.